Carteret County Wildlife Club

Activities and Interests

Conservation, Education, Recreation is the motto of the Carteret County Wildlife Club, and many ongoing activities reflect this commitment.

The following is a summary of just some of the undertakings by Wildlife Club members:


    Demonstrating support for the NC Coastal Land Trust, the Carteret County Wildlife Club has donated funds to help the Trust acquire and protect Sea Gate Woods in Carteret County. Sea Gate Woods refers to a 114-acre remnant of a rare wetland habitat, a Non Riverine Wet Hardwood Forest, which is also an important breeding ecosystem for Neotropical migrant birds, especially warbler species.

    Each year since 1996 the Carteret County Wildlife Club has funded the Steve Warner Memorial Scholarship for a NC State University undergraduate in a fish, wildlife, or forestry curriculum to attend summer wildlife club. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, and recommendations by NCSU's Fish and Wildlife Program.

    Wildlife Club members attend regional festivals and public events, displaying an exhibit about hiking and recreational opportunities in the Croatan National Forest, especially the Neusiok and Weetock trails.

    For recreation the Wildlife Club holds seasonal canoe trips, hikes, and excursions. Fun and work are combined in ongoing maintenance projects on the Neusiok and Weetock trails.
  • Regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month and begin with a covered dish potluck supper, followed by a speaker on an outdoor and or environmental related topic. The regular meeting in December is reserved for the annual sumptuous and epicurean Game Dinner.

  • The public is cordially invited to participate in Wildlife Club activities.